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To perform at your best your body must feel loose and relaxed. A healthy muscle should not be painful to press on, load or move. If pressure applied to a muscle causes you pain then it’s a sign of tightness and likely trigger points (you can think of them as knots within the muscle) which limit your full range of movement and ability.

As a therapist, athlete and coach I’m an advocate of ‘hands on’ manual therapy to resolve muscle problems. I also like to advise on how you can keep on top of recurring problems yourself through the use of foam rolling, compression tack and flossing and a good oul’ Sliotair. Combined with this I use unique flexibility techniques so you don’t have to spend hours with traditional stretching.

We have a hands on approach here at JK Therapy and deep tissue sports massage will restore muscles to their healthy state and iron out any kinks. During your treatment we may find particular trouble spots which we will pay special attention to using a variety of neuromuscular techniques and movement therapy.


The majority of cases I deal with are due to soft tissue related injuries, resulting in sore or ‘tight’ feeling muscles when you move a joint or body part. These usually occur from an incorrect repetitive movement or during times of heavy training or trauma from a collision/impact. Communication between us is very important during these sessions and I use constant feedback so we achieve the best results for you.


  • Deep Tissue Sports Massage: €70.00 (60mins~)
  • Neuromuscular Therapy Treatment: €70.00
  • Full Biomechanical Running Assessment: €170.00 (2hrs~)
  • Running Technique Coaching: €70.00 (60mins~)
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