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Biomechanical Screening Dublin Ireland

Free Biomechanical Screening

During your physical therapy session I offer a free biomechanical screening to clients who want to check in on their running technique. This involves filming you on the treadmill and a quick video analysis to see if your running technique could be responsible for your injuries/niggles. Should you want to address your technique you can book in for a Full Biomechanical Assessment at another time. NOTE: Please allow 15-20 mins at the start of your treatment time

Running Technique Analysis Dublin Ireland

Running Technique Analysis

A unique experience for anyone interested in running. Using High-Definition video analysis and mobility tests, this running technique screening finds any weak spots that could lead to injury and underperformance down the line or explain why your current injury and pains are occurring.

Learn what to focus on to improve your running technique and general movement ability. We provide all drillsvideosnotes and exercises for your specific issues.

Price: €150.00 – 2hrs including all videos and follow up report with customised training

Follow up sessions: €60.00 (1hr)

Professional Running Coaching Dublin Ireland

Professional Running Coaching

If you would like to work with your own running coach to prepare for your next big running event, or if you would like to take up running, then you won’t do better than to get a customised training plan from running company ChampionsEverywhere.

Price: €15-€30 per week.

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