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Helping you live life and enjoy sport pain free

Neuromuscular Physical Therapy & Sports Massage clinic Dublin Ireland


JK Therapy, owned by Jason Kehoe, is a Neuromuscular Physical Therapy & Sports Massage clinic in one of Dublin’s busiest suburbs. He treats all types of soft tissue injuries and specialises in running and team sports. Through his own experience as an athlete with many bodywork professionals over the years he believes in a hands-on and methodical approach to treating the body. The clinic is conveniently located off the M50 (exit 10) with plenty of parking and within a 4min walk of the Red Line Luas and bus routes.

  • Fully qualified Neuromuscular Therapist and Running Coach

  • Personalised Treatments for your issue

  • Convenient Location & Parking

  • Flexible booking times

  • Gait Assessments & Running Analysis

  • Fully Insured Work

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If you have never been to a Neuromuscular Therapist you will find this type of therapy quite different from other professionals you may have used. As a competitive athlete I have used a large number of different professionals over the years for sports massage and treatment of injuries. More often than not I was frustrated with the treatment I received and the value for money I got. It was through a combination of exploratory self-treatment and then coming across one of Ireland’s first Neuromuscular Therapists that I became very interested in the treatment of ‘Myofascial Trigger points’ which I found to be the most effective treatment for me. So much so that I made a career change and left a 15 year career in Software Development to pursue this passion.


NMT is a hands on approach where we primarily look at your muscle health through observation and using our palpation skills (how a muscle feels to our hands), when we find something unusual we investigate the area and relieve tension in the muscles using direct firm pressure and strokes. We specialise in Trigger Points (you can think of them as ‘knots’ in muscles) which can be responsible for the majority of pain in muscles and joints of the body.



Since 2012 Jason has specialised in running technique coaching through his work with Running Company www.ChampionsEverywhere.com and has successfully trained hundreds of runners to overcome chronic injuries and become faster athletes. He puts running technique and mobility as the primary foundation all other physical aspects of training should be built upon. He was part of the first group of athletic coaches educated by the Lydiard Foundation, USA, the world’s most successful training system, and began coaching athletes around the world using the Lydiard training method. He has conducted workshops with many clubs and sporting organisations including Athletics Ireland.

A natural coach and competitor from a very young age, he stumbled into running where a passion developed for Mountain Running. He found out quickly what the term ‘running fit’ meant through the teachings of legendary New Zealand running coach Arthur Lydiard. A fierce competitor, Jason won the titles ‘Irish Mountain Running Champion’ and ‘King of the Mountains’ in 2015 and 2017.

He represented Ireland in mountain running and is one of only a handful of runners to have won the prestigious Carrauntoohil Mountain race in 2011 & 2017, he also won the notorious Hell & Back obstacle race (despite missing the start!) and regularly competes with his athletics club in national Cross Country and road races. He is a qualified Gymnastics coach and MovNat™ certified strength and movement trainer.


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